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Growing up in a large family with young ones to elderly, I learned to cook all kinds of food. Childrens food, Comfort food, Party food, everyday meals and more. I have been cooking for many years inthe USA and have learned to use substitutes, Cooking is my passion and I would love to share what I have learned. Hope you enjoy the Blog and find it informativeand creative.

Aug 20

Figs are in Season

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Figs typically peak from July through August and may be later in the North.  Usually the trees produce a crop within a month, so check your local farm to find out when they’ll be in season.  Most trees only produce one crop per season.  In order to produce good local Figs, producers depend on ideal […]

Jul 13

Cooking Vegetables – tips for easy cooking

Cooking Vegetables –   tips for easy cooking

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There are so many varieties of Vegetables available in the market in  many Countries. Here in the USA, specially in California, we find Vegetables from India, Asia and Mexico. Some Vegetables are familiar to us and some seem to be Foreign -since cooking process may be different for many of them, most vegetable recipes have […]

Jun 17

Ghee ? What is it? How to make it.

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                                 I am sure most of our Indian readers would know what is Ghee. Actually Ghee is used in Indian Cuisine for Centuries.  Ayurvedic Medicine seem to claim Ghee as a big promoter to help Immune system. French and english […]

May 14

Coconut in cooking

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Coconut: Use of Coconut in Cuisine: Coconut is used for centuries in many Countries. The husk, hard brown shell, the white coconut meat and the Water-the whole coconut is very useful. The dry husk is used t for fuel and scouring pad. The shell is used as Bowl in some villages in Asia. Fresh Coconut […]

May 06

Rice..Rice..Rice-So many verieties

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Rice is a Grain Seed of a Plant (Oryza sativa) and is considered cereal grain. Rice is used in almost all Countries as a part of the meal and a Staple food in Many Asian Countries . Rice -grain has husk which is removed and some are polished, some semi polished and some have husk-wild […]

May 04

The Spice Box – Know your Spices

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Spices are the keys that unlock the special flavors and aromas of many cuisines. Specially Indian food,  which is prepared with variety of spices. Thes spices have been used to enhance flavor, add to digestion and are used by Ayrvedic practiners for ages. Every household in India has a spice box in the kitchen – […]

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Welcome to
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Each Recipe is passionately created in my own kitchen with my own ideas and ingredients, Some recipes are adopted, some are from friends and Family. I have added some packaged items for convenience. These recipes are simple, colorful, palatable, and ideal for today's busy lifestyle. All the recipes are Vegetarian and some are Vegan. Some recipes are Indian, some are of mixed culture and some dishes are fusion. Hope you enjoy them.