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Spice box is an   very important tool-gadget-container- in Indian cooking. I use it daily and keep it at easy reach in my kitchen. Almost every kitchen in an Indian Household will have a Spice Box. Ingredients may vary but the purpose is the same. This box is kept covered when not in use. This way the spices retain the freshness. Different regions have different size, shape and make of Spice Box.

Spice Box is also known as Masala Box.


I use  it to prepare most of the Indian dishes. In the recipes, I try to mention different names but it makes it easy to use just one name for an ingredient. For example:

I thought of using Dahna -Jeera instead of Cumin- Coriander powder.

Haldi-instead of Turmeric

Mustard seed I use, are black and I am thinking using the word  Raai.


My spice box has 7 small containers and they have:

1. Chilli powder-Mirchi

2. Cumin Coriander powder-Dhana Jeera.

3. Turmeric powder-Haldi

4. Black Mustard seeds-Raai.

5. Cumin seeds- Jeera seeds.

6. Dries red whole Chillis-Aakhi Mirch.

7. Kokum.

Here are the names for most ingredients so if you have any question, it is easy to find the name in English.

Adrak Ginger
Ajwain Carom Seeds / Anise seeds
Amchoor Dried Mango Powder
Anaar Dana (Powder) Pomegranate Seeds (Dried)
Dalchini Cinnamon
Dhania Patta Coriander Leaves
Dhania Powder Coriander Powder
Elaichi (Chhoti) Green  or White Cardamom
Elaichi (Moti) Brown Cardamom
Ghee Clarified Butter
Hari Mirch Green Chilli
Hing Asafetida
Imli Tamarind
Jaiphal Nutmeg
Javitri Mace
Jeera Cumin Seed
Kaju Cashew t
Kala Jeera / Black Cumin Seeds Caraway Seeds
Kala Namak Rock Salt
Kali Mirch Black Pepper
Neem/Limdo Curry Leaves
 Kokum  sour dried friut
Khoya, Mawa Dried Whole Milk/Thickened Milk
Kishmish Raisins
Lasan / Lahsun Garlic
Laung Clove
Malai Cream
 Mava  Thickened Milk
Methi Fenugreek Seeds
Mirchy Chilli
 Til  Sesame Seeds
 Hara Dhania/ Kothamari  Cilantro
Paneer Drained Curdled Milk
Pudina Leaves Mint Leaves
Raai / Raee Mustard Seeds (Small)
Saboodana / Sabudana Sago
 Takmaria  Basil seeds/black
Saunf-Fennel Seeds Variyali
Tadka Seasoning Cooking Process
Tej Patta Bay Leaf


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