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Nutty Cups-Great for on the Go!!

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Nutty Cups, are great for Breakfast, on the Go, or just anytime Snacks. There is NO sugar and Flour added-just Crunchy, Healthy Nut mixture that is somewhat sweet without the Sugar added to it. Agave Nectar contains some Sugar but not as much as having sugar or Honey added to it.  Goden raisins or Raisins can be used instead of  Cranberries or add raisins

When I try to Create a dish on my own, I check my Pantry and the Refrigerator and try experimenting with what I have. So this morning I took out some left over, Oats, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin  seeds( Pepitas), dry Cranberries , Almonds and Rice Crispies. I had Brown Rice Crispies that came in   bag-You can also use plain rice Crispies from the Cereal box.

If you do not have Agave Nectar, you can use Maple Syrup but the amount would be 1/2 cup. Souse 1 Cup Maple Syrup instead of 1 and a half cup of Agave. Maple Syrup tends to be sticky and does not serve the purpose of low Sugar content. Try making it once and see. The recipe can be cut in 1/2.

Out of the amounts I used, I made one Baking pan full and 12 Muffin Cups. Store on a container with lid-Do not Refrigerate-store them at Room tempereture-I keep them on Kitchen table or Counter where everyone can reach.

Nutty Cups-Great for on the Go!!

Difficulty: Intermediate



  1. Preheat oven ( Bake selection), at 400, prepare muffin pan by lining it with cups.

  2. In a large baking pan or similar pan, mix, Oats, Sunflower seeds, Pepita seeds, Cranberries and bake for 10 meanutes

  3. Add Rice crispies,Almonds , Agave nectar and oil. Mix well.

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