Simply Indian

Vegetarian Cuisine of Western India
Written By Nita Desai

For more than two millennia, the northwestern coast of the Indian subcontinent has been a crossroads of civilizations. Greeks, Persians, Arabs, Armenians, Portuguese, British, and many others all left their imprint on the region. They also influenced the ingredients, spices, and flavors of its unique cuisine.

Learn to make richly flavored pakoras, tasty achar, hearty daals, and delicious raita. Unlock the secrets of turmeric, cloves, cumin, and black mustard. Make your own perfectly spiced chai. Experiment with your own chutneys. Roll and cook your own roti.

Simply Indian is a collection of more than ninety fully photographed recipes showing you how to prepare and produce authentic yet modern healthy and convenient dishes influenced by the vegetarian cuisine of western India.

ISBN-13: 9-8-1-68401-313-5
Publisher: Mascot Books

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