Plant Based, Vegetarian, Vegan, International, Fusion food

Nita Desai

Born and raised in India, I learned to cook Indian cuisine using basic plant-based items. Many of the Indian dishes you will see took a long time but I have made a simple cookbook to help explain the recipes.

I still enjoyed cooking Indian cuisine. We had a large family and needed to cook a variety of food to suit babies to seniors who needed special food.

After coming to the USA, I realized that I can cook much faster-using cooking utensils, ready-made sauces and other items. I keep some leftover items from previous recipes to help save time. With the newest trend being vegan and plant-based food, I have included these recipes in my cookbook, Simply Indian including recipes from other regions on a map of India.

The Green Chutney is a creation of my own recipes of vegetarian, vegan and plant-based food, with fusion food in mind. Check out posts on this site to find out more about spices, plant-based food, Indian groceries and more. There are many posts to help you understand more about Indian and other vegetarian food.