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WHat is MSG?

When you hear the initialism MSG, certain connotations and possible red flags are sure to come to mind. This item is also known as Ajinomoto.

Discovered in Japan in 1908, MSG — monosodium glutamate —, MSG has become one of the most controversial flavor enhancers on the market.

This additive looks like salt.

What is MSG?

MSG was originally used in Asian cultures and is associated with Chinese food.

“In 1909, the Ajinomoto company was launched to bring this tabletop seasoning to the people of Japan,” Rains tells Yahoo Life. “And for many decades, around the world, MSG was consumed without issue. So in the ’30s and ’40s, the U.S. was one of the top three consumers of MSG globally, and no one had an issue with it. It was used in military rations. The product Accent was released in the mid-1940s, again, as a seasoning for food, and it was consumed without issue.”

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