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Cucumber Raita – Cucumber Yogurt Salad


Raita is made with yogurt. You can make many variety of Raita. This dish is served as a side dish or as an accompanyment to a meal.

Indian meal consists of Roti, Daal, Vagetable, Rice, many condiments or pickles or Green Chutney, papodams- optional. Depending on the region, these items may be more or less in variety. If you want to make a meal that is special, you can add Raita.

Cucumber Raita is very easy to make. Some ingredients can be different from region to region but the base is the same. You can find many types-varieties of Raita in this Blog. Hope you enjoy making them. Experiment with different ones and make a special one for your Family’s favorite.

I use the small Middle Eastern Cucumbers. Use the firm ones. Using the regular cucumbers can make this Raita very watery. The Japanese or Hot House cucumbers are OK too.

Most Raita recipes contain Roasted ground Cumin or Jeera.

To make roasted ground Jeera or Cumin:

Take 2 Table spoons of whole Cumin or Jeera, roast it in a skilletat medium heat till you can smell the slightly burnt flavor-Cumin-Jeera will turn brown. Turn of stove and put it in a bowl and in your favorite chopper when cool. You can store this in your spice cabinet for a long time and use it when needed.

Cucumber Raita – Cucumber Yogurt Salad



  1. Wash and shred Cucumbers.

  2. In a mixing bowl whisk yogurt, and milk and add dry ingredients. Refrigerate it until serving.

  3. Add cucumbers just before serving and mix gently, garnish with Cilantro and serve.

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