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Spicy White Corn – Masaledaar – a Great snack too


White corn seem to have become popular. The kernels are softer and a little smaller and they seem to be sweeter too.

This dish is very simple and easy to make. I use frozen packet of white corn kernels. You can buy these in any supermarket in frozen vegetable section. I use my spice box masala, frozen grated Coconut, ginger chili paste, and Cilantro. I stock up frozen grated Coconut  and use it when needed. If you buy the coconut from baking section of supermarket, it is sweetened. Just soak in water and squeeze it out before using-do not add sugar in the recipe.If you do not keep Ginger Chili paste, you can grate them fresh. If you do not have Ginger and fresh chili, you can use red chili powder instead.

For non spicy, do not add any chili or ginger.

Serving Suggestions:

Serve with white corn or plain Tortilla chips / Peta chips  as snack or eat with your meal as a side dish or just by itself.

You can make ahead a day – serve warm.

Spicy White Corn – Masaledaar – a Great snack too

Difficulty: Beginner



  1. In a 10" skillet, heat oil-turn on stove and heat for a minute-add Black Mustard and Cumin Seeds.

  2. When seeds start cracking, add drained Corn kernels, let them cook for about 2 to three minutes.

  3. Add Coconut and Cilantro( save a little for Garnish)

  4. Add the rest of the spices, salt and sugar.,ginger chili paste.

  5. Mix well , and cook for one minute.

  6. Remove from stove and let it sit for about a minute and then serve in a bowl with a little Coconut and Cilantro garnish.

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