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Chaash and Lassi-The Popular Yogurt Drinks of India

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I think Chaash or Shaash- is probably an original PreBiotic health drink from India.

This is considered a farmer’s Health drink. generally farmers go out to their field early in the morn ing and when they are thirsty, Most farmers in old days had Cows and buffalos and used their Milk. Yogurt is made form the left over milk using natural Cultures. There was no refrigeration in those days, so this was a great use for left over milk.

Chaash is actually Yogurt and water. A little salt and some roasted Cumin or ground black pepper, added for flavor. Almost every Indian Household will have this drink daily for their consumption. I remember making this as a young girl for everyone.Wonderful for summer..

The modern version is Lassi- thicker then Chaash- with many different flavors and it is sweet. a Great way to get young ones to drink this.

I have seen Yogurt drinks in Middle Eastern markets here in The USA. I found them to be extra salty. Recently I noticed small containers of Yogurt drinks for kids, in the Supermarkets. Thought home made Lassi would be ideal for kids-they will get fruit and added sugar- makes it sweet.

The Recipe is very simple.


Best to use hand mixer with the long  handle -one with the blades at the end. I also use the Bowl from which I can pour easily. blend for a short time only -less then a minute.

1/2 Cup plain Yogurt

2 Cups of plain cold water,

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 Teaspoon Roasted ground Cumin.

First whisk yogurt in a bowl, add water and blend until all the limps are gone-it will froth a little. Add salt and Cumin and store in a Jug or tall container. This can be kept in the Refrigerator for a day.

Mkes about 4 servings. Pour in tall glasses, add Ice Cubes and decorate with Mint.

Chaash and Lassi-The Popular Yogurt Drinks of India

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Rest Time 10 min Total Time 20 mins
Servings: 4


Instructions for Mango and Strawberry Lassi of Try one fruit at a time


  1. Whisk a little , add water and blend, add sugar or other sweetner of your choice and blend a little more. Add fruit of your choice. I ahve used Mango and Strawberries

  2. Pour in a tall Glass, add Ice Cubes,decorate with Cherry, fruit or Mint Sprig and Serve.

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