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Colorful Pepper Salad with Curry leaves


This is one of my favorite Salads, The vibrant colors just make it look so appetizing!!

This salad is Wholesome and healthy. When the Red, Orange and Yellow bell peppers are in season,  I make this salad often. I also use cabbages to give some volume and color. I use Peanuts to give crunch. You can use Cashews or Almonds if you have allergy to peanuts. I have used Curry leaves and Urid Daal which may be very common in Indian household. Urid Daal is shelled and split Black Urid Daal. I use it because it give that extra nutty flavor. This is optional. Once you start using Indian ingredients for cooking, you can experiment it.

It is very easy to make-just need a lot of cutting. There are a lot of items but  they all will be mixed. Make sure not to cook long at all or them peppers may become soft. You may have to add or lessen the salt and sugar to your taste.

I use a Wok to heat oil and add items, you can use any wide skillet.

This will make enough salad to serve 4 to  6 people.

Colorful Pepper Salad with Curry leaves



  1. Keep Vinegar and Cilantro ready in abowl

  2. Heat oil in a big Wok like skillet, and add peanuts, Urid Daal and spices-Cumin and Mustard.

  3. Add cabbages and mix. Turn the heat don. now add all peppers,Carrots and Cranberries.

  4. Mix with wooden spoon and turn off stove right away.

  5. Pour the Vegetable mixture in a serving bowl. add salt and sugar and gently mix with wooden spoon.

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