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Multigrain Crakers- So easy!!!

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These easy to make Crakers was an experiment. Just wanted to try Baking them-and they turned out great! These are great  as snacks, with cheese  or use with your favorite Chutney.

I do not bake much but when I do, I try to use Oil instead of butter and try to come up with ideas and ingredients  with Health in mind.

Found some Bread Flour in a Grocery Store and thought this may work better.  I only made a small batch to see if it comes out good.  I used Multigrain Chapati(Roti) Flour from an Indian Market. This flour comes in 5 pound bag-about 2 Kilo. I use this flour to make Roti . Stays well at cool Temp. Bought Flax meal from  a Grocery store. Used white Sesame seeds and, Nigella Seeds- these are known as Kalonji in Indian store. Roasted cumin- I keep it in my Kitchen-it is easy to make . Roast whole Cumin seeds in a small skillet. When they start turning darker, take it off the heat and grind them coarse when cool. You can keep these for a long time.

I also made some on the skillet. I rolled small Rotis-same thickness and cooked them on the Skillet at low heat. The photos show both styles.

Gave some to my friend to tell me honestly what they think. She called and wanted the recipe so I felt I can put this on the Blog.

Great for Snacks.

Multigrain Crakers- So easy!!!

Difficulty: Intermediate



  1. Put all Flour in a bowl, add all other ingredients-save 1 teaspoon oil- and make a dough- knead it to make it smooth. This dough should not stick to your hands. Add the rest of Oil while making balls, It should be soft enough to make a roll.

  2. Make 4 equal size balls and make about one inch thick roll. Make sure the roll is smooth.

  3. Cut this roll in to about 1/4 inch slices, press them down / or roll them a little to make about 2 inch round- and place them on cookie sheet about 1/2 an inch apart

  4. Bake for about 10 minutes-but turn after first 5 minutes.

  5. These bake very quickly so it is important to watch them. It may take shorter ot longer to bake depending on the Oven.Take them out when they have turned slightly brown.

  6. Let them cool and store or serve when cool.

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