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Strawberry Lemonade with Chia Seeds


This drink  not only looks pretty but it is a great drink to make with youngsters and let them be creative with flavors, fruits  and decorative touches. It also  looks beautiful on you summer party table.

You can use Store bought Lemonade or prepare on at home. I used Chia Seeds and Indian Chia Seeds known as Takmaria.  These seeds are used in many Indian Deserts and as a cooling drink. These seeds are available in Indian Markets-You can use only Chia Seeds if Takmaria is not available.

For colorful Lemonade you can also use different kinds of Syrup.

I blended a few strawberries with sugar and poured it at the bottom of the glass. This recipe makes one Pitcher  about 6 medium glasses.

Strawberry Lemonade with Chia Seeds

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 mins Total Time 10 mins


For Lemonade

For Strawberry Syrup

For Chia Seeds and Takmaria

For Garnish


  1. Soak both seeds in water

  2. Pour Lemonade in glasses.

  3. Decorate with strawberry toothpicks and any other fruit you want to use- may be grapes.

  4. Add a sprig of Mint and serve

  5. Takmaria Soaked in water

  6. Chia Seeds soaked in water

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