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Watermelon Cooler


This works great if the watermelon you just bought was not sweet or, the color was not dark enough and you did not know what to do with it.

This is a warm season in many parts of the world. Watermelon and Strawberries are  at great prices in the USA.

I just tried making this and it tasted Great and wanted to share with you all.

Hope you like it.

I used a medium size  watermelon and made in to pieces, removed the skin-including white portion. I cut the watermelon in half an then sliced it and scooped out red portion in a bowl

This was not sweet so, I added Agave syrup-lot less sugar contend- low Glycemic.

Watermelon Cooler

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 mins Total Time 5 mins
Servings: 4
Best Season: Summer



  1. Put the cut up watermelon and Strawberries in the blender, blend it till it is juice without chunks. add lemon juice and salt. Taste it with a spoon if you need to add a little Agave syrup. Add a little first. Add more if needed per taste. Chill and pour in to cups. Add decoration-sliced lemon, sliced strawberries and a sprig of mint.

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