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How to cut Mangos

Mango is one of the very popular fruit in India and many other Countries. There are several varieties of Mangoes. These fruits are very sweet. Mangos are called “Amrit Fal” in India. Because of the sweetness and flavor. Generally, Mangos are ripe just as the summer sets in.

The fruit starts with green color on the outside when it is raw. Slowly the fruit changes color and it can be yellow or yellow and red color.

Here in the USA, we see mangos from Manilla and Mexico.

Manilla mangos are smaller and yellow when ripe. They are generally not stringy inside.

Mexican Mangos are different sizes and with different textures inside. The picture you see here is a variety from Mexico.

Hayden Mangos are stringy but larger then Manilla mangos

Kent Mangos are very popular as they are large, sweet and non stringy.

To find out if the mango is ripe, just hold the fruit in your hand and press it gently, it should be soft but firm. Some mangos have very nice aroma when you smell them.

Many ways to cut and enjoy this special fruit. below is one method i learned since childhood.

Mangos have large hard pit and when you cut the fruit, it is helpful to remember that and cut around the pit.

See the pictures and when you have cut one, enjoy.

Whole Mangoes

How to Peel a Mango

How to cut and save the Hard middle part

Enjoy the Fruit

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