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What really is Curry?

Asian Curry

when I first arrived in the USA -many years ago, people would ask me if I am from India and after my reply, most people would say” Do you eat Curry?’ I could not explain in detail at that time as most people thought it was “hot”.

The word “curry” can refer to the spice blends used in those dishes, and there is a specific curry plant which does not really make curry. It is a plant and the leaves of that plant is used in many dishes. These leaves are used fresh-when available or, can be dried and saved. These leaves are generally used to give flavor.
Curry has become the most popular dish n the world, for the fragrant and spicy flavor. You may have seen different kinds of Curry Indian or Thai restaurants , but now you’ll find something curried on just about every restaurant menu. 

if you’ve never cooked a curry, it can seem difficult. Chefs guard their secret spice blend formulas. curries have been known to the world for hundreds of years. Curry is a variety of fragrant spices used in Indian cooking. In traditional Indian cooking, the spice mixtures, called “masalas,” are prepared in the home. Many of these are blended with a liquid, such as Tomato paste or Cream or, Yogurt to create a curry paste or sauce. 

when British officials of the East India Company returned to England , They wanted to continue enjoying the cuisine they had enjoyed on India. They imported what they loved about Indian cuisine back to England in the form of curry powder.  English chefs began to recreate Indian dishes in their own kitchens.   The specific ingredients, ratios, and methods of preparation vary from region to region, and even family to family. 
In Thailand, home of red, green, and yellow curries, these dishes are called  gaeng, which means “a wet, savory dish enriched and thickened with paste.” Most of Asian Countries have Curry in their Menu-in Burma-now Myanmar-it is called Khauswe.

You can find commercial curries as a paste or powder, or, increasingly, in a jar or packet as a premade sauce. Many supermarkets and grocery stores have a selection of these products in their spice aisles, or in the international section (or Asian foods).You can find a much wider selection of curry products at Indian and Asian grocery stores. Most curry powders are very hot as they have more chili powder.

You can also make your own curry spice blends, Typically, you add curry paste, powder, or sauce to a broth- or sauce-based dish. curries are meat-or vegetable based. The curry, can be served over rice, another grain like quinoa, or with Indian breads like naan, roti, or paratha. And, of course, if you like, you can use curry spice mixes to a number of other dishes, like soups and stews, stir-fries, potato dishes  Indian word “aloo” contains potatoes, 

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