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Names of Spices and Herbs in Indian and in English

Here are the names for most ingredients spices, herbs, mixtures, blends and other items made from Dairy products. If you are unsure, it is easy to find the name in English.

Indian spices have been used in Indian kitchens and recommended by Ayurvedic experts for thousands of years.

AdrakGinger-Fresh Root Dry Ginger powder is also used in many spice blends
AjwainCarom Seeds / Anise seeds
AmchoorDried Mango Powder-Comes from Dry Mango-this is not a spice but used in a blend.
Anaar Dana (Powder)Pomegranate Seeds (Dried)
Badam-Almonds A nut-seed.
DalchiniCinnamon-This is a bark of Cinnamon tree-curled round as a stick. Available dry in Bark, Stick or Powderr form. Has many health benefits.
Dhania PattaCoriander Leaves- also known as Cilantro in USA, Chinese Parsley in some Countries and Kothamalli in Southern India
Dhania PowderCoriander Powder
Elaichi (Chhoti)Green  or White Cardamom
Elaichi (Moti)Brown Cardamom
GheeClarified Butter
Hari MirchGreen Chilli
JaiphalNutmeg- this is a fruit with a very special flavor and taste
JeeraCumin Seed
KajuCashew nut
Kala Jeera / Black Cumin SeedsCaraway Seeds
Kala NamakRock Salt or Black salt-relly looks pink when powdered.
Kali MirchBlack Pepper
Kesar Probably the most expensive spice- flavorful and colorful.
 Kokum sour dried friut-this is generally used dry-to give tangy taste to soups, daals.
Khoya, Mawa Whole Milk/Thickened Milk-
Lasan / LahsunGarlic
MethiFenugreek Seeds
Neem/LimdoCurry Leaves

Til                        Sesame Seeds

PaneerDrained Curdled Milk- used like Riccotta Cheese
Pudina LeavesMint Leaves
Raai / RaeeMustard Seeds (Small)
Saboodana / SabudanaSago
 Takmaria Basil seeds/black- Veriety of Chia Seeds
Saunf-Fennel SeedsVariyali
TadkaSeasoningCooking Process
Tej PattaBay Leaf
Turmeric Vibrant yellow spice-root- dries and ground. Many Healthfood stores sell this as a supplement

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