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Carrot and Grapes Raita- a Great Fall side Dish


Once you know how to make basic Raita, you can create variety of colorful and flavorful Raitas.

This dish is great for a Fall salad. As  all Raitas are made with Yogurt base,  they are not Vegan dishes.

In this dish the carrots are slightly sauted with flavoring spices.Very easy and quick dish. I like to work   with fruits and vegetables and mix them so the flavor and colors add appeal to the dish. Kids love it too.

This recipe calls for Urid Daal, Curry leaves, Roasted Cumin-Jeera powder and Seedless Grapes.

Carrot and Grapes Raita- a Great Fall side Dish



  1. Whisk yogurt with 1/2 of salt, all of the sugar and Roasted Cumin Powder.

  2. Heat oil at medium heat, and add Urid Daal, Cumin , Curry Leaves and add cccarrots

  3. Add 1/2 of salt and let it cook for about 2 minutes

  4. Pour the cooked Carrots over the yogurt and add Grapes.

  5. Mix gently and add Cilantro. Cover iand keep in Refrigerator till serve.

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