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Tofu Masaledar Spicy – Tasty – Vegan


To many people, Tofu is bland and  the texture is different .  I personally did not care for Tofu as much earlier but knowing that Tofu is  a great source of Protein, I tried different  ways to make  it tasty. I tried making it with Satay sauce, hot sauce, and mixing many spiced to create a tasty dish and I think this recipe  so far was the winner.

I bought the Extra Firm Tofu in the Tub. drained it and and cut it into small strips about half an inch thick.

Made green Masala – you can also use the green Chutney and Coconut or left over Coconut Chutney.

This dish can be a snack or part of a meal. You may have to try it a couple of times before you have an idea how much of Chutney-paste you like to add to Tofu,

Tofu Masaledar Spicy – Tasty – Vegan



  1. Put Chili, half of Cilantro, Coconut, half of salt in the food processor and make a paste-Chutney style.

  2. Heat oil and add drained Tofu-medium heat-do not stir.

  3. Wait till Tofu turns light brown-about 5 Minutes-then turn gently-be careful-the Tofu so the top side is now in oil.

  4. Let Tofu turn light brown and drain extra oil out.

  5. Now add the Chutney-paste on top-turn gently and mix. let the flavor seep in.

  6. Add salt if needed, take it out in a Serving dish and add lemon-lime juice and top it with Cilantro. The Tofu should be dry.

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