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Chai Indian tea! Home made Chai Latte

A quick and easy way to make Chai (Indian Tea) at home
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Chaiis thee name used for the morning and daily warm drink in India. Many years ago some smart Enterpruener took the name and made this drink famous. Here is your chance to make it at home without running to a Coffee house.

Chai is dried Tea Leaves, very dark in color. It is not ground beans like Coffee but dries crumbled leaves.

Generally Chai is served sweet-sugar included during boiling but, now people make it without sugar-some add Honey or some other sweetener. Please remember to add Honey or other sweetener after the Chai is served-in a cup or a Mug.

Almost every home-household in India makes fresh Chai daily more then once. This is a wake up drink for grown ups and for many even after an afternoon nap or Siesta. Indian home will offer Chai as a  part of the Hospitality. This recipe uses Chai spice. and Mint(optional). You can add them if you like-spice is also optional. The coffee houses that sell Chai Latte seem to have Star Anise added to it. The use of Tea seems less so, it is more milky.

You can use Coconut milk or Almond milk to make Vegan Chai-the key is to add the milk and then turn of the stove. Please remember, the chai has to come to boil after you add milk-time may be different. So please watch the chai.

Method of making tea is different from Country to Country. Japan has a BIG Tea Ceremony for a new Bride. Most Countries serve tea without milk and mainly  it is served hot. In recent years Iced tea has become very popular.  Iced Chai recipe will be posted as well soon but this recipe is for hot Chai.

While in Malaysia, it was very interesting to see Chai being mixed in a Stall. Chai is called Teh in Malaysia and the mixing method is very prescise. The Teh maker  uses two cups and pours the mixture from one to another stretching the liquid to about a yard-this is called “Satu Ye la Teh” One yard of Tea.

Chai recipe calls for special spices, Tea and milk. British tea   also is accompnied with milk but not mixed before serving. English Tea is served in tea cups and milk on the side to add.

. Chai is not served to minors due to the Caffine content. Chai generally is not served at night for the same reason.

This recipe makes about 4 mugs of Chai. The spice used here in this recipe is bought from an Indian store. Actual Chai spice is in my book- Simply Indian. Please check the link to buy hard cover or, e-book version.

Chai Indian tea! Home made Chai Latte

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 10 min Rest Time 2 min Total Time 17 mins Servings: 4 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Chai is the name used for the morning and daily warm drinks in India. Many years ago some smart Enterpruner took the name and made this drink famous. Here is your chance to make it at home without running to a Coffee house.

Chai India. Easy to buy Chai spice from Indian Store


  1. Keep all items ready-spices, milk, chai, sugar andwater

    Put water in the pot and bring it to boil at med-high temp.

  2. Once the water starts to bubble

    Add mamri tea, Chai spice, and mint-if you like-it is optional

  3. Keep an eye and watch it boil

    The water will change the color, let is boil for 2 to 3 minutes. You can add sugar at this time -I add about 2 Tablespoon for 4 mugs-you can do it per your taste. Please do not add Honey or other sweetener while it is boiling-always add after it is served in cups or Mugs.

    Chai about to boil
  4. Add milk of your choice-whole or low fat. Let the mixture come to boil. The mixture will change color, when the mixture comes to boil, turn the heat down to low-very low. Let it simmer for 2 to 3 more minutes.

    Have a Chai with a Friend
  5. Turn the heat off and cover for another 2 to 3 minutes- be patient- it will give proper flavor and color if covered. Now add fresh Ginger . stir lightly cover another minute.

    Chai for everyone
  6. Pour in to mugs and serve with your favorite Snack or crackers / Cookies etc.

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