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Chat Papdi or Chaat Papri-A delicious crunchy snack


If you go to Mumbai, New Delhi or one of the big Cities in India or if you have gone to any Indian Restaurant, try this dish.

This a snack dish( Snack is called Nasta) like Tapas. You can eat enough to make a meal or just a snack. This dish is very simple to make-if you want to make it the easy way. I served it as an Appetizer. Fun part of this dish is  putting it together.

There is some preparation to be made ahead. This dish  uses the Date Chutney-which can be made a lot and can be kept in the Freezer ahead of time. Some more  items are, whisked plain yogurt , Tortilla  diamonds, (Recipe included.) Garbanzo beans-Canned  and boiled Potatoes. The main spice that creates this special taste is… Chaat Masala which can be bought from an Indian Market and,one unusual item-  is, Sev. These are thin yellow noodle like snack made with Chick peas flour and can be purchased in Indian or other specialty Market. Unlike other noodles, Sev is fried so it does not need any kind of cooking. This savory item which is used in many snack items and it also can be eaten by it self. It is best to keep them in the refrigerator for longer shelf life.

This dish has a mixture of textures and  taste.

In short, you will need some special items : Chaat Masala and Sev.

Other items can be purchased in supermarket.

Chat Papdi or Chaat Papri-A delicious crunchy snack



  1. With a pizza cutter, cut the Tortillas in to diamond shape on a flat boead

  2. Pre heat oven 350 Degrees F on roast. In a cookie sheet, spread tortilla diamonds and add oil and coat the pieces gently with your hands, add salt and roast for 10 to 12 minutes. Keep checking so they do not burn. You may need less or more time depending on the oven.

  3. Whisk yogurt and add salt.

  4. So now you have: Sev, Yogurt, Date chutney, Garbanzo Beans, Boiled Potatoes cut in to cubes, Tortills diamonds , Cilantro and Chaat masala ready keep them in individual serving ware. Now you are ready to start assembling your creation. Add a little Chaat Masala to Garbanzo Beans and to Potatoes and mix the masaal in by mixing gently.

  5. In a flat serving plate: First add some Diamond (roasted) Tortilla pieces

  6. Add Garbanzo Beans and Potatoes about a Tablespoon each

  7. Add Yogurt on top

  8. Now add Date Chutney, Cilantro and Sev and sprinkle a couple of pinches of Chaat Masala

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