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Sweet and Spicy Lime/Lemon Pickle.

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In almost every culture,  preserves, Pickles, Condiments  are a part of  meals.

Most of these are cured or preserved and some are made fresh. green Chutney is made fresh and many other pickles are cured with salt and baked in the Sun. Most of these pickles and condiment can last up to a year without refrigeration. This tradition has been going on in India for generations.

This process is long-takes many days. A  friend of mine sent me some Yellow limes-small yellow lime size-thin skin and seedless lemons-I really do not know if I should call them Lemons or Limes. These were so nice and just perfectly ripe.

Anyway I decided to try different method to shorten the time before the Pickle is soft enough and it is just as tasty. I wanted to make something that saved time.

I cut the lemons in to 8 pieces and added salt and Turmeric, mixed them and kept it in a mixing bowl-covered for 3 days-mix it twice a day but keep it covered in a Glass bowl or a Jar. Generally this is kept for about two to three weeks but I wanted to make it a bit faster.

I wanted to make it with less sugar or no sugar. Most of cured pickles have sugar added.

This was an experiment that turned out better then I expected.

I made it with Agave nectar  sent it to the friend who had given me the lemons. She called and really was pleased with the taste and the fact that there was NO sugar, it was even better then a regular pickle with sugar.


Special Item needed- Indian Pickle Masala-available in Specialty store-comes in a plastic bag  in a box.  This pickle will not taste the  same without the Masala. If it is not available in your area, you may want to order online from an Indian spice store.

Sweet and Spicy Lime/Lemon Pickle.



  1. Cut the ends of Lemons and then Cut them into 8 pieced

  2. Put them in a glass Bowl, add Salt and Turmeric-Mix them-use spoon do not use hands if possible

  3. Keep them covered in a warm spot. Stir the mixture about twice a day.

  4. Put the mixture of lemons and salt-it will be watery- in a colander and let the liquid drain

  5. Put the mixture back in the bowl and add Agave, Masala and Dhana Jeera powder.

  6. Heat the oil in a small pan, add Raai and Jeera-when they start crackling, add Curry leaves and pour over the lemon mixture

  7. Pour the mixture in a jar. Sprinkle the extra Pickle spice and keep the jar at room temp. for about 4 days- Stir about once a day-then store in the refrigerator.

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