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Thanksgiving Potatoes and Yams


Thanksgiving is coming up and I thought this dish would be a great idea for the season! Anytime I go to the market, I think of buying something that will create a great dish.

The other day I noticed that the yams and sweet potatoes really looked fresh for this special Thanksgiving meal and I thought it would be good to try mixing all different kinds of potatoes and yams.

So I bought, Red, Yukon Gold, and Sweet Potatoes along with some yams. Sweet Potatoes and yams would make the dish sweeter so I added a few fresh green Chillis, Cilantro and some spices. I knew I would have to add lemon juice to make it tangy. So here it is. I think this would make a great side dish for Holidays instead of just yams or potatoes we have all of them here. You see the Cumin seeds and Black mustard in the picture-these are added in the oil to give the robust flavor. I use peanuts in many dishes – it is a personal preference. I enjoy the nutty flavor and crunchy feel. This can be a great Potato dish for Holidays- I am thinking of making this for a Thanksgiving meal as a side dish.

Peanuts are optional.

Thanksgiving Potatoes and Yams



  1. Peel all Potatoes and cut them into cubes about 1/2 to 3/4 Inch in size. soak in water or they turn a dark color

  2. Heat oil in a Big skillet, add Cumin and peanuts.

  3. The oil must be at med-high temp, add potatoes and let it cook it without stirring at low- medium heat. for about 5 minutes.

  4. Stir gently once or twice to mix. Cook for 5 more minutes-covered.

  5. Test potato by taking one piece in a spoon and pressing it. It should press without much pressure.

  6. Add salt and lemon and Cilantro. Mix and serve warm. Can be reheated in Microwave.

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