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Mango Asparagus spicy Salad

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This Salad is a creative variation of some sort of Asian Salad. I like to add items that are Colorful and palatable.

Summer is the best time for Mangoes , fresh Asparagus and other fresh vegetables.  There are many varieties of Mangoes in the market.. Manila Mangoes are my favorite for this recipe.

They have more pulp and easy to peel. This salad is great for summer BBQ’s and as a dish to take to pot luck. keep everything ready mixed and add the dressing just before serving. This recipe is for  6 side salad serving. You can double it or add more of one or the other item. Since there is use of Peanuts, please check for Peanut allergy.

The mangoes should  not be fully  ripe a little greener on outside and firm. They may be slight tart but that is what makes this Salad so tasty. This is quick and short cut recipe and requires ready-made Asian Peanut dressing Sometimes called Thai Peanut Dressing. I just made my own because I was out of it. The corn-I did not use it in this one-optionalwhite frozen kind, that works best as White corn seems to be more sweet and tender.

I use Middle Eastern or Arminian Cucumber as these cucumbers have very little juice and they stay crisp.

Mango Asparagus spicy Salad



  1. Remove skin from mangoes and cut then in to about an inch size pieces.

  2. Drain Microwaved Asparagus and put the in the serving or a mixing bowl.

  3. Boil or Microwave white corn in a liuttle water till soft-about 5 Minutes and drain, add to Asperagus

  4. Add peppers and cut Cucumber, top it with Mango pieces, add Cilantro.

  5. Add, peanuts, Sweet Chili saude, Rice Vinegar and Soya Sauce, and peanuts to make a dressing

  6. Just before serving, pour the dressing over the mixture, mix gently and serve in side bowls, Serves four.

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